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Elizabeth, 34
I am a simple person in my corner, I hate bad influences gossipers are not the kind of people I would like to walk with, and friends who do not check...
Shelly, 37
Hi my name is Shelly. I'm just a normal, REAL, and down to earth girl looking to hang out and have some fun. I'm very laid back but still know how to...
Lena, 29
Zdravo, moje ime je Elena. Tražim muškarca za ozbiljnu vezu, ali ovdje se susreću samo perverznjaci. Možda ste takva osoba? Tko zna. Ako ste zaintere...
Selena, 29
New York
I’m a very humble woman. I understand that there’s a time to give and be loving and understanding. I also believe in standing up for what I believe a...
I will tell you later,I will tell you later,I will tell you later,I will tell you later,I will tell you later,I will tell you later,I will tell you l...
Patriciasa, 49
California City
Hello, I would very much like to meet a man who would appreciate that I don't think of my brain in my shorts and that I can treat him nicely. I will ...
Rikako, 47
A kind and sympathetic girl who looks at this world with a smile. I am always ready for new discoveries, especially if the discoveries are connected ...
Hiromi, 48
I love romance unfortunately which is not enough in our time. Maybe you are that kind of romance? I just can't believe that all the men are gone. Thi...
Nancy, 26
Slovenská Ľupča...
Som čestný, otvorený, láskavý a veselý človek. Chcem nájsť potenciálnu spriaznenú dušu do mojej duše pre vážne vzťahy, ktoré vedú k manželstvu v pers...
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