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Tushar, 28
Looking for girl :). As long as we can connect with each other effortlessly, I am comfortable with any relation.
Jennifer, 41
New York
It is my pleasure to meet you, I hope everything is fine with you and how do you enjoy your day?
ESDoll, 26
I love dating, I am also a fan of sex dolls, I like to share my loving with my sex dolls, I have been looking for the most realistic love dolls, I fi...
Kenny, 53
Karlovy Vary
I am a person who values dignity and practice honesty.........................
george, 54
New York
Jsem upřímný člověk, který hledá čestnou ženu, s níž můžu strávit zbytek svého života, žena bezúhonnosti, lásky, důstojnosti, upřímnosti, klidu a kli...
paul, 60
I am a very happy person, very cheerful, full of life and energy. I am sincere, loyal, honest, very sensitive, affectionate and creative, intellectu...
sandra, 30
New York
i am a good girl looking for a nice man who will take care of me here,i am a good girl looking for a nice man who will take care of me here,i am a go...
Koenig, 38
Ich bin ein verzauberter Prinz
Max676, 50
mal schauen :))
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